The following list of apartment houses/managers is not a complete list of apartment possibilities in Morris, but gives a place to start. Being listed on this page is not an endorsement, just a public service. If calling long distance, the area code is 320.

The Morris Housing & Redevelopment Authority also maintains a (probably more complete) apartment listing at http://www.ci.morris.mn.us/hra/listings.html

Another good source of information is the Morris Rental Housing Commision.
"The City Council created the City of Morris Rental Housing Commission in late 2007 with the purpose of improving the quality of rental housing in Morris by creating commonly acceptable solutions to problems that arise among landlords, tenants, and community members."




Cardinal Estates
300 South St.
302 South St.
Marion Schmidgall
589-2230 (days)
589-3270 (eve)
Collegeview Apts.
704 Imperial Dr.

Paul Kietzman
589-4661 (days)

G & M Properties
100 W. 6th St.

Bankords Inc.

Golden Key Apts.
405 E. 5th St.
Melba Hoium
589-2811 or
Green River Apts.
Green River Road
Ruth Bentson
Homestead Apts.
596 E. 8th St.
Melba Hoium
(see above)
Imperial Apts.
705 Imperial Dr.
Paul Kietzman
(see above)
Key Row Apts.
151 Sunnyslope Road
Paul Kietzmann
(see above)
Lakeview Lodging
806 W. 5th St.
Rick and Cindy Swenson
Lamplighter Apts.
205 E. 5th St.
Marion Schmidgall
(see above)
Manor Apts.
702 Imperial Dr.
Melba Hoium
(see above)
Mayfair Apts.
210 W. 8th St.
Marion Schmidgall
(see above)
Pacific Place Apts.
619 E. 8th St.
Ruth Bentson
(see above)
Southtown Apts.
100 1/2 Atlantic Ave.
Melba Hoium
(see above)
Sunrise Apts.
6 Thomas St.
Kenneth Johnson
589-2821 (days)
Westwood Apts
400 W. 10th St.<BR
Marion Schmidgall
(see above)
Windsor Apts.
706 Imperial Dr.
Kenneth Johnson
(see above)

Updated 6/8/2012